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Welcome to the 13 HANDS Tribe!

This is a page of conscious products, food, clothing, spiritual products, music and more!  Good friends and sponsors contributing to a better world with how they make their products, choose their ingredients, establish fair trade practices, treat their workers and do their best to operate from integrity, honor, love and respect for people and the planet.   This is the new business paradigm/evolution of how we must ALL invest in one another and tribally connect our "collective heart" in all areas of our lives... professionally and personally.  Enjoy meeting some great people and what they do in the world... some sponsors

will offer a discount when you purchase online at their respective stores! 

CODE for participating online stores: 13HANDS

The Neverending Dreamer 

Explore the extraordinary world of visionary artist


13 HANDS exclusively uses the LUNA Baritone Uke with a very special set of string gauges and open tunings.  As a friend of 13 HANDS you'll receive 15% off your total Luna purchase online.  

If you get the UKE HIGH TIDE BARITONE A/E - ZEBRAWOOD model, then contact us and we'll provide you the string gauge/setup information to create the 13 HANDS "uke sound"



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